The brand, born just before the beginning of Milan Design Week, has shown a universe of  colorful and irreverent ideas signed by international designers.


Among the most awaited news, 2016 Milan Design Week has also welcomed some unexpected surprises just like Qeeboo, the new brand created by the designer Stefano Giovannoni. A universe of colorful and irreverent ideas signed by some of the world’s most talented designers, that has literally appeared in Tortona Design District attracting the attention of many curious people.

“More than a brand, it is a new way of thinking design and distributing the products”, just like Stefano Giovannoni says “It is a light company, based mainly on the web, aiming to bring down top design to a pop dimension and let high quality objects be affordable to a large audience”.

To let this vision become a reality, the brand called to join the architect and designer Andrea Branzi, the Swedish duo Front, the revolutionary Richard Hutten, the eccentric Marcel Wanders and Nika Zupanc, along with her punk elegance.

“They all are designers with a narrative approach to the project” Giovannoni continues, “and the figurative research as key point of their work, in order to communicate their way to see the world through emotional and iconic objects”.

The first Qeeboo’s collection consist of 25 products realized in plastic materials by using advanced technologies, among them tables, lamps, accessories and chairs, like the unique Rabbit Chair. “It is a chair that i have designed after having compared the silhouette of a chair with the one of a rabbit”, Giovannoni concludes, “an object whose soul ironically pop and its ergonomic profile surprised and seduced everyone, me first”.


by Francesco Marchesi