Stefano Giovannoni for Repubblica

stefano giovanno per repubblica

Qeeboo, design spreading across the web.

Design and internet, a pair to be discovered. To deliver emotional objects right to people’s heart, at the heart of their houses. This is what Qeeboo wants to do, a next generation brand created by Stefano Giovannoni, one the most renowned Italian industrial and interior designer.

What is Qeeboo? First of all it is an Italian company, conceived in Italy and capable to transfer the Italian way of living to the objects. It is a new entrepreneurial reality that produces objects meant to be delivered to a wide audience, keeping low costs and and a high quality level, with an excellent value for money.

How it comes to be? Qeeboo comes from the idea of objects that can skip the traditional company matters to reach directly the final consumer. How? Thanks to the web, thanks to internet.

I love to create emotional objects that have a strong language, giving them the power to communicate to the largest possible audience in a very smart way’. So i thought to a brand new company that could finally be able to move on the internet, taking all the advantages from it”, explains Stefano Giovannoni.

Qeeboo’s first collection is signed by, besides Giovannoni himself, Andrea Branzi, Front, Richard Hutten, Marcel Wanders, and Nika Zupanc. All the designers have “the ability to talk about the objects through a narrative poetics”. They express, says Giovannoni, “an advanced dream through pieces that, collectively, make up a domestic ambience characterized by strong figurative symbols, immediate and recognizable. “Pop objects, not bourgeois, wich can convey creative dreams and reach people’s homes in a creative way”.

The whole equipe created 25 plastic objects, among which chairs, tables, lamps and accessories which were realized using advanced industrial technologies and techniques. The common point of all the products is the figurative research as key element of their communication, they also convey a great emotional strength. The choice of the web for their distribution is the right solution in order to shorten the supply chain and to contain costs. Qeeboo, in fact, unlikely to the traditional design companies, has a very light structure that “thinks playfully, takes care about production and quality, talks directly to the audience e tries to imagine the future”.


Cosimo De Leo, Repubblica supplementary, 03/29/2016