Rabbit House

qeeboo rabbit house



The Rabbit Chair, a rabbit-shaped chair, is the last creation of Stefano Giovannoni and part of the new Qeeboo collection. It is also the main character of the project “Casetta del Viandante – House of the Wanderer”, set up in the University of Milan’s courtyard during 2016 Milan Design Week.

The chairs are placed inside the house to welcome the wanderer and to give him a sense of safety and domesticity. The interiors and the chairs are uniform in their white color in order to create an atmosphere of peace and tranquillity where the wanderer can get some rest.

“Nowadays wanderers are not the whiskered men that we used to know, but all the youngs with a backpack willing to discover and understand the world.

I’ve put some Rabbit Chairs inside the house, the rabbit-shaped chair that i have recently designed for my new brand Qeeboo, on which people can seat and get some rest.

Those chairs will give the guests a sense of welcome and will let them feel like home.

The interiors and the chairs then will be harmonized by using the same color (white), in order to create a relaxing atmosphere of peace and tranquillity.
Stefano Giovannoni