Stefano Giovannoni launches Qeeboo

The designer enters a new phase of his career. It opens to some confidences about the entrepreneurial challenge of the brand presented during the Design Week and about his global vision of the project.

During his last entrepreneurial labour’s debut, Stefano Giovannoni is in a good mood. He confided to us that his new brand, Qeeboo, of which he is designer, owner and art director, is already a success.
In fact his “rabbits”, rabbit-shaped chairs, have invaded the whole city of Milan, appearing in all the Design Week’s hot spots. While he explains to us the collection, that is characterized by a clear feminine and gentle trait that Andrea Branzi compares to the Dolce Stil Novo, Stefano Giovannoni talks about design and marketing: «After many years i had the desire to work independently, to do something by my own. A new world has started in Design, and i feel myself completely free».
«I’ve created a light company, that is industrially advanced and can face international market’s new demands. People are more and more willing to buy on the internet, at a certain bracket of price, especially if on sale. And so the classical shop becomes outdated, and the distributive chain becomes shorter. We are based on the internet and we use retail as a complementary channel of sale».
«The products are 50% Made in Italy and 50% made in the emerging countries, and the designers of our 25 products – Andrea Branzi, Front, Richard Hutten, Marcel Wanders, Nika Zupanc – they all have a strong narrative approach».
The common trait of these objects is that they are both sculptural and functional on the same time, at an affordable price. «All of my choices are based on sales parameters, because the commercial success of a product is something essential».