Capitol Stool and Sidetable

Studio Job


cover-qeeboo-capitol-sidetable-by-studio-job 02-qeeboo-capitol-sidetable-by-studio-job-white 03-qeeboo-capitol-sidetable-by-studio-job


“The first collection for Giovannoni’s brand popped up with a bang. The first steps are always giant. So Killer, Mexico and Flash instantly became a Qeeboo success.
For this new collection we needed to dig deeper, as steps that follow are much harder.
Undressing the Establishment…
Capitol, Ming and Miroir are historic icons stored in our collective memory.
They represent culture, success, wealth but also manipulation and bourgeoisie. By transforming the symbol of power (Capitol) into a functional plant pot, you blend the high and the low.”
 – Job Smeets

Dimensions: Ø 44 x h. 60 cm
Weight: 3 kg
Materiali: PE Polyethylene
Colors: black, white