Loop Chair With Cushion / x2



Set of 2 pieces
BeigeBeigeBlackBlackSage GreenSage GreenWhiteWhite
01-qeeboo-loop-chair-with-cushion-indoor-by-front-black 02-qeeboo-loop-chair-with-cushion-indoor-by-front-black 05-qeeboo-loop-chair-with-cushion-indoor-by-front-greenWEBSCON 06-qeeboo-loop-chair-with-cushion-indoor-by-front-greenWEBSCON 03-qeeboo-loop-chair-with-cushion-indoor-by-front-beige 04-qeeboo-loop-chair-with-cushion-indoor-by-front-beige 05-qeeboo-loop-chair-with-cushion-indoor-by-front-white 06-qeeboo-loop-chair-with-cushion-indoor-by-front-white 07-qeeboo-loop-chair-with-cushion-indoor-by-front-close-up


Loop Chair designed from the original and recognizable Front’s stroke. The experimentations on “free hand sketches” products, early ’00s one-of-a-kind artworks that used to materialize the movement of the pencil in the space, are now a real product: the Loop, an elegant stackable chair with armrests. The motif is a sequence of variable section curves that reconsiders the Thonet classic with a new, baffling stroke, putting the chair inside a new imaginary world where it can sustain itself despite the voids.

Dimensions: 52 x 56 x h. 84 cm.
Height armrest: 72,5 cm
Weight: 5.5 kg
Materials: PP-Polypropylene
Colors: black, sage green, beige, white