20 January 2019
A Land Rover and Qeeboo partnership to launch the new Range Rover Evoque.

Piazza XXV Aprile / 19-26 January

The aim is to transform Milan in an open-air lounge and preserve the reality in which we move thus positively living the energy of the urban jungle. This production stems from a partnership between Land Rover and Qeeboo, the home furnishing products company created by Stefano Giovannoni, for the launch of the new Range Rover Evoque.
The installation is part of the "Live for the City" project by the creative couple Giovannoni - Marcantonio. The featured items were created by both designers have created for Qeeboo. The installation interprets the concept of the urban jungle and is divided into two phases:
The first phase "Urban Jungle with Qeeboo Kong" by Stefano Giovannoni, (presented here) recalls Stanley Kubrick's 2001 Space Odyssey. The frame of the new Evoque fallen on Piazza XXV Aprile is surrounded by curious gorillas that inspect that strange object.

In the second phase "Urban Jungle with Qeeboo Giraffe" (Milan Design Week 2019) a giraffe in love will take the place of the gorillas. The giraffe, designed by Marcantonio for Qeeboo and presented for the upcoming Salone del Mobile, carries a classic chandelier and, with its staring gaze, will illuminate with magic light the new Evoque finally arrived in the city.
The initiative, which involves Milan as a leading role launching the new Range Rover Evoque in Italy, is the celebration of how the metropolis inspires design and innovation.
The two designers Giovannoni - Marcantonio have always drawn from the city of Milan as a source of inspiration for their work and their works, letting themselves be guided by the liveliness and eclectic culture that characterizes the Lombard capital. The two designers transform Milan into an urban living room, where the abstract interpretation of the concept of interior and exterior space becomes an invitation to respect the city which deserves to be treated and protected as one's own home. An opportunity to express positive synergies between the urban environment and the new Evoque.

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