04 April 2019
Come find a whole new out-of-the-ordinary world!
Qeeboo at Salone del Mobile 2019

At Salone del Mobile 2019 Qeeboo is ready to reveal a brand new series of out-of-the-ordinary objects that will take over the fair and the best spots of the capital of design. 

Qeeboo has been preparing for its third participation at "Salone del Mobile" (Milan Design Week) and the long awaited set-up is almost ready.

The new products' range will span from the celebration of nature and fauna with the GIRAFFE IN LOVE series and the FILICUDI armchair designed by Marcantonio, to the representation of our culture's symbols with V-2 SCHNEIDER LAMP and EMPIRE LAMP by Studio Job, and the extention of the family of iconic objects with RABBIT TREE (the table to the Rabbit Chair), TEDDY BOY and TEDDY GIRL lamps by Stefano Giovannoni. Furthermore, a re-edition of the BONOS by Daï Sugasawa adds up to this year’s novelties.

The novelties will be showcased at the permanent showroom in Rho Fiera, and some of them will be around Milan for everyone to be seen. Between April 9th to 14th Qeebo set-ups will be:

- Permanent Showroom Rho Fiera, Corso Italia / Ponte dei Mari, E02
- Jungle Living Qeeboo set-up @10CorsoComo
- Plastic from the Bronze Age Qeeboo Limited Edition with author signature: Meeting Job Smeets, introduced by Cristina Morozzi @10CorsoComo Thursday 11th April 2019, 19:00
- Urban Jungle Qeeboo installation with Range Rover by Marcantonio @Piazza XIV Maggio
- Giraffes in Love Qeeboo installation by Marcantonio @Human Spaces, Università Statale Milano, via Festa del Perdono 
- Rabbit Trees and Chairs On Stage @Eataly, Piazza XXV Aprile 10
- Royal Giraffe Qeeboo installation by Marcantonio @Grand Hotel de Milan, Via Manzoni 29
- Qeeboo Jam Session @Ristorante Pacifico, Via Della Moscova 29
- Qeeboo Pop-up with new products @Rinascente Duomo, floor-1 Design Supermarket
- Qeeboo Extraordinary Objects at P.A.R.O.S.H. by Paolo Rossello, Via Santo Spirito 14

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Extraordinary Objects
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